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Commissioner Jackson Accepts Offer from Bossier Parish

"I have never been a white male (w/m) and I am the last person anyone could confuse for a white male. That is the actual description the alleged victim provided throughout the police incident report (see attachment). I am the sole proprietor of an independent car dealership and let someone test drive a vehicle who turned out to be a bad actor."

Todays agreement formally removed the felony charges of false impersonation of a peace officer charge, assessed a fine of $100, and allows for an automatic expungement under Article 894. This agreement was a decision about time, financial math and professional responsibility versus paying thousands to pursue a time consuming misdemeanor case

To show my appreciation for area Law Enforcement, I have made a personal decision to make a $1,000 donation to the North Louisiana Law Enforcement Ball. The LEO Ball is an organization committed to serving and supporting law enforcement officials and their families throughout our region."

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