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Let's bring high-paying jobs back to Shreveport

Better Economy + Skilled Workforce

Equals Opportunity for All!

Foster a Growth Environment & Incentivize Growth in Industries of the Future:

  1. Work with City Council and Parish Commission to create an independent joint city-parish Economic Development Office with professionally certified economic development staff with a mission to aggressively recruit businesses in advanced manufacturing, transportation, distribution, technology, renewable energy and water management that provide high-paying jobs.

  2. Strengthen partnership with the City's Industrial Development Board to incentivize existing businesses' expansion and encourage new businesses to relocate.

  3. Partner with state and regional economic development organizations to identify properties to expand the number of development-ready certified sites.

  4. Expand the city's existing film tax-credit program for tech companies and tech start-ups.



Prioritize Equity and Opportunities for Small & Locally Owned Businesses:

  1. Partner with local Community Development Finance Institutions (CDFIs) to provide access to capital for small business (Such as: barbershops, beauty salons, cleaners, hardware stores, neighborhood-based businesses, artist, and tech startups) so they can scale and stay.

  2. Create a City, Parish, and School Board DBE collaboration in order to increase staff, capacity, and efficiency.

  3. Prioritize DBE participation in City contracts while maintaining a consistent, transparent, and efficient playing field for city contracts.

    • Award bonus evaluation points to General Contractors who give priority preference to hiring local residents and doing business with certified local small businesses.

  4. Work with the Minority Supplier Institute and Strategic Action Council to help DBEs build capacity and capital so they can compete in the public and private sectors.

Connect People to Education, Training and Job Opportunities

  1. Connect at-risk citizens to living wage jobs / job training.

  2. Development a pay-for-success (social impact bond) pilot program to create jobs that pay for themselves in long-term savings to the city.

  3. Support workforce development programs that prepare local citizens for available jobs with local industries.

  4. Leverage partnerships with LSUS, SUSLA, LSUHSC, to create new business opportunities and prioritize hiring graduates.

  5. Create a  Ban the Box initiative within city government to support employment of non-violent offenders. Build a collaboration with private sector companies to encourage their support and use of Ban the Box.


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