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Rep. Jackson Partners with Amazon for Local Supplier Expo

Representative Steven Jackson is proud to announce Amazon’s Global Procurement teams have partnered with Shreveport-based Diverse Owned or Small Business Advocacy Partners to educate small and diverse businesses on how to be Amazon contract-ready. The goal of the Elevate Your Business with Amazon event is to drive economic impact in the region to support needs for Shreveport's Fulfillment Center that will open soon. "I am proud of Amazon and the Amazon Global Procurement for recognizing the importance of local business procurement in the operation of the fulfillment center. I will continue to advocate for our local business owners to have a seat at the table of opportunity." For any questions or clarification on the event, please email:

The agenda will include:

  • Introduction to Amazon

  • Overview of Amazon’s Procurement Process

  • Deep Dive of Amazon Category Contracting Opportunities

  • Amazon Supplier Registration Portal

  • Q&A’s

Interested small business owners are encouraged to sign up to network with Amazon Procurement and Leadership teams and learn all about doing business with Amazon! Registration is required to attend. The Shreveport Fulfillment Center is specifically seeking business with the capacity to provide the following services at the immediate time:

Health & Wellness supplies & services

PPE Vending

Medical Supplies

Landscaping: Looking for suppliers who can provide turf, landscape beds/trees, irrigation (if applicable), spring, miscellaneous, and adhoc services.

Safety Signage: Looking for suppliers who can provide interior and exterior signage

Safety Supplies: Safety Supplies, Medical Supplies, PPE, Impact Gloves, Floor Matting, Protective Eyewear, Safety Shoes, Asset Lockers, Safety Vests, Uniforms

Corrugate vendor: Looking for suppliers who provide corrugated materials, polymer materials (bags, tape, folders, adhesives, giftwrap), paper materials (bags, corrugated fan-folded, envelopes, padded mailers, adhesives, dunnage, labels and dispensers) thermal liners, recyclable mailers, air pillows, WAT (Tape) Dispensers and WAT, labels, storage labels, machine and hand tape, gift bag supplies, case sealers, packaging equipment, and/or prep materials (stretch film, prep bags, bubble wrap).

Waste removal: Tier 2 drivers that can swap full auger / compactor containers. Taking full loads to the local dump to be emptied and returned.

Pest control: Looking for suppliers who can provide services identifying pests, physically removing them, applying pesticide, and monitoring

Pallet services (48x40 Grade B): Looking for suppliers to provide 48”x48” plastic pallets, Grade A/ #1: New wooden pallet without repairs. Grade A/ #1 will be same spec as Grade B/ #2; but as new construction with no doubled/repaired stringers.; Grade B/ #2: Recycled wood pallet with repairs. Grade B/ #2 pallet specification provide a safe and stable storage/shipping platform.; or Combo: New and Recycled wood used in making the pallet.

Additionally, Amazon will seek the following services in the future for Shreveport and other facilities:


Promotional items


Looking for suppliers who can provide interior and exterior signage


Looking for furniture manufacturers

Building Fixtures

Looking for suppliers to provide shelving, lockers, signages, guardrails, bumpers, and column covers

Security & Loss Prevention

Looking for suppliers who can provide drawing design, testing, purchase, installation, and maintenance of security equipment, including but not limited to access controls, intrusion systems, CCTV cameras, turnstiles, x-ray and metal detectors.

Workplace Safety

Safety Supplies, Medical Supplies, PPE, Impact Gloves, Floor Matting, Protective Eyewear, Safety Shoes, Asset Lockers, Safety Vests, Uniforms

Office Supplies

Looking for suppliers who can provide business essentials (i.e. Ink, Toner, Notepads, Pens, Pencils, Markers, etc.); Mailroom Essentials (Packing and Shipping supplies to ship everyday business essentials); Basic electronics, batteries and chargers; White/cork boards.

Dock Door Maintenance

Looking for suppliers that can perform maintenance and repairs on dock doors for major warehouses and/or fulfillment centers.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Looking for suppliers with at least 40 technicians that can services HVAC assets that are highly integrated with Building Automation Systems and will need Technical qualified vendors who can work on Niagara or similar systems for HVAC assets.


Looking for suppliers that can services Base Building Maintenance plumbing category. The scope includes plumbing maintenance services (preventative and reactive work).


Looking for supplier that can service Base Building Maintenance “electrical” category. The scope focuses on general electrical maintenance (reactive work) for buildings/facilities. Ideally, the company Amazon is seeking has a large footprint over multiple States, and has dedicated dispatching service 24/7.

Fire Life Safety (FLS) Repair and Maintenance/Fire Alarm Monitoring

Looking for suppliers that can perform Fire Life Safety Maintenance & Repairs services including Gas Detection- CO and Hydrogen, Fire Monitoring, Fire Alarms, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Pumps, Fire Other- Emergency Lights, Extinguishers, Above ground storage tanks, Emergency Exits

Associate Commute

Looking for suppliers who provide public transportation, shuttle, taxi/ride hail services


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