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Revitalize healthcare and education in Shreveport

Strengthen Opportunities for Better Healthcare, Pre-K, & Higher Education

There can be no better partnerships that we can form than those that protect our medical institutions and help promote cradle-to-career efforts. I believe North Louisiana’s greatest immovable assets are found on Kings Highway and our greatest human assets are the young minds that will one day lead our city. This is why we must forge greater partnerships with our local healthcare and education community. To do so we will:

  1. Work with legislative delegation and higher education community to attract a Law School, Dental School, and other professional degree programs to Shreveport.

  2. Work with stakeholders to ensure equitable funding for LSU Medical School & Hospital.

  3. Create  a medical and research corridor to attract Opportunity Investments.

  4. Utilize Workforce Investment Funds to provide FREE Community College Tuition Program for students graduating from Caddo Public Schools who will major in programs that have been identified as high demand careers.

  5. Utilize pay for success Social Impact Bonds to recruit private sector philanthropists to launch a universal Pre-K collaborative between our local school system and head-start program.


Mayoral Candidate Steven Jackson
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