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KSLA: Comm. Jackson Discuss Future Amazon Fulfillment Center

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - The Amazon Fulfillment Center is still on track to hire in 2024. Both Amazon and the SLB facilities will bring plenty of well-paying jobs to the city. Despite multiple delays since its announcement, the Amazon facility is still in development and hiring will ramp up in 2024. The starting wage at the center will be $15 an hour. The launch of the building has been pushed back so that the building can fully meet Amazon’s technological standards.

“This is a huge facility, every part of this facility is wired, there is special coding that’s going into it, and it’s a very humongous facility to get up and retrofit it with the specificity that Amazon requires,” says Caddo Commissioner for District 3, Steven Jackson. “I urge patience, I had to urge myself to be patient, but when I walked the facility I understood what it’s taken to get this facility up and going.”

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