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Unity in our Community of Shreveport

Investing In People

The character and strength of any city is the human assets that are the backbone of our city. Steven has been in the trenches advocating for equality and opportunities for all of our citizens regardless of their walk of life.


Steven will work to stand up for all Shreveporters to ensure all individuals are connected to services and opportunities that will increase their quality of life today and tomorrow. When elected, we will:

  1. Ensure equity and transparency in city appointments, departmental staffing, and city contracts to ensure women are equitably afforded opportunities.  

  2. Provide the Human Relations Commission with a mayoral staff representative to ensure that the Shreveport "Fairness Ordinance" adopted in 2014 is fully implemented and enforced. .

  3. Stand publicly with other Louisiana Mayors and local advocacy groups to lobby the state legislature for equal pay for equal work and raise the minimum wage for workers.

  4. Appoint a Millennial/Youth Advisory Commission to advise the Office of the Mayor , Shreveport City Council, and city departments on issues that matter to youth and millennials.

  5. Develop partnerships with private sector and philanthropic organizations to reestablish "Summer Jobs Program" for youth and college students during summer months

  6. Establish a low-barrier homeless shelter to provide onsite services for the root causes of homelessness including mental health services, addiction services, and primary health care services.

  7. Develop greater partnerships with community organizations to provide greater mentoring opportunities for at-risk African American men.

  8. Work with Shreveport City Court judges to reform our fine and fee structure that unfairly prosecutes the indigent and poor for non-violent offenses.

Opportunity for all of Shreveport
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