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Representative Jackson Legislative Priorities for 2024 Regular Session

On Monday March 11, 2024, Louisiana Lawmakers will return to Baton Rouge to begin its 2024 Regular Session. Since the start of the 2024, the legislature has already convened for 2 Special Sessions to address issues related to court ordered redistricting and one to fulfill Governor Landry’s campaign promise to address criminal justice and sentencing reform. Each of those Special Sessions were very limited in what legislators could propose as legislation had to be confined those specific topics. I’m excited about the upcoming Regular Session as this is the first time the new legislature will have an opportunity to propose legislation and policy that many of championed during our 2023 campaigns.


Below are highlights of the Priority Legislation Representative Jackson has prefiled for the upcoming session:

HB 136: Designates portion of Highway 175 as “Jerius Marshall Memorial Highway.”

HB 216: Creates $5 million statewide rebate for businesses to hire and provide workforce training for youth and young adults during summer months.

HB 295: Creates the “I-20 Economic Development District” to encourage planning and business development along Texas Ave and sections of the I-20 corridor.

HB 307: Creates the “Shreveport Healthcare & Innovation Corridor.” Formally establishes corridor along Kings Highway to incentivize planning, coordination, and development around regional healthcare and higher education assets.

HB 461: Provides local governments flexibility to manage economic development projects without being undermined by competing non-Louisiana cities and entities.

HB 495: Removes bureaucratic barriers to providing community mental and behavioral health services for existing Mental Health Rehabilitation Providers.



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