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John Settle Lying AGAIN!

Local disbarred attorney continues to make unfounded and completely inaccurate statements. On June 3, 2021 John Settled alleged that a SUV driven by Commissioner Jackson was being operated without a license plate. Settle somehow gained access to a restricted parking area to take photos of the SUV from several angles. However, Mr. Settle conveniently cropped out or didn't take a photo of the window where the plate is clearly visible. Was this done again to conjure up another slanderous attack on Commission Jackson? It was a few month ago when Settle falsely accused Commissioner Jackson of personally benefitting from legislation authored for much needed rental assistance in Caddo Parish. When caught in this lie Settle had no choice but to print a retraction acknowledging his egregious error that boarded on slander. In this instance he completely ignored the plates that were clearly posted in the window just above the location where he took the altered photo.

The plates are dealer plates that are legally issued by the the Office of Motor Vehicle on (5/11/21) are allowed to be moved whenever a vehicle is sold. The dealer tag was issued consistent with the Commissioners legally registered private business. As a former attorney, Mr. Settle must know that such half truths can subject him to libel lawsuits, but then again such failure to understand that may be the exact reason why he is no longer allowed to practice in the state of Louisiana? After the extremist attacks of January 6th targeting at elected officials, how and why was Mr. Settle allowed access to a restricted area in the first place? Why is Settle so obsessed with slandering Commissioner Jackson. Yet, Settle is eerily silent on the substantive legislation authored and enacted by Jackson. Jackson says, "I will not be deterred by John Settle's slanderous attacks and lies as I stay committed to serving and advocating for the citizens of District-3 and residents of Caddo Parish."



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