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Commissioner Jackson's Statement on Bossier City Police Allegation

On November 29 2022, just before walking into a political rally in Shreveport, I was approached by a Detective with Bossier City PD regarding an incident alleged to have occurred earlier in that month in Bossier City. I fully cooperated with the detective and agreed to speak with him on multiple occasions with and without my legal representative present. One of these conversations was set to occur at his office and was suddenly canceled after we arrived with no attempt to reschedule. My question today is simply, why?

I have tremendous respect for the men and women who make up our Law Enforcement community, so you can imagine my shock upon learning of charges that I was being sought for impersonating a police officer. Continuing in the spirit of cooperation with BPD, this weekend, I voluntarily surrendered to Bossier authorities as I have nothing to hide and nothing to run from. My legal representatives stand ready to ensure justice will prevail in this matter. It is widely known among some that I buy, repair, restore, and resale retired police and other fleet vehicles at a very competitive price. I have been made aware that this has caused heartache for a select few. However, I believe in the free enterprise that this country thrives on and I will continue to operate business that is legal and ethical.

That said, I can not help but question the motivation for these charges and the methods employed. In my mind I continue to ask the question, "why?" Considering the timing and location of the initial contact by the detective , I pray this matter is not politically motivated. I am committed to the good work of the citizens of District-3 and Caddo Parish.

In this time of my life I am grounded in the scripture of Nehemiah 6:1-3 where God called Nehemiah to pray—to go—to rebuild—and to remain on the wall until the mission was accomplished.

Thank you.


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