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Caddo Commission Adopts Resolution in Support of Net Neutrality

Photo Credit: Heliopolis Shreveport


Caddo Parish, La- On Thursday (December 9, 2017), the Caddo Parish Commission joined elected officials across the country with a resolution opposing the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) upcoming vote that could end the current net-neutrality laws. the Commission voted approved a resolution urging the FCC to maintain and enforce the 2015 Open Internet Order, which ensured the principles of openness, freedom and innovation, while providing equal access to the internet, regardless of provider.

On Dec. 14, the FCC intends to vote on a proposal called Restoring Internet Freedom Draft Order, repealing the current net-neutrality rules. The rules prevent phone and cable companies from favoring certain websites and apps and give the FCC more oversight over privacy and the activities of telecom companies.

"I strongly believe, repealing net neutrality would have a disproportionate and negative effect on the most vulnerable indiviudals, as broadband affordability in low-income communities is already a significantly challenging. We know that without an alternative provider many in our community would be forced to simply accept these practices to participate in our connected world. Given these concerns, Caddo Commission joins with officials across the country in adopting a resolution urging the FCC not put the financial gain of a few ISPs ahead of millions of Americans who rely on a free and open Internet to work, innovate, relax, and manage their lives online."

Large telecommunication conglomerates are among the service providers that have opposed the FCC rules, as have many Republican officials, saying they hurt investment in internet infrastructure and represent too much government involvement in business. Internet companies, consumer-advocacy groups and Democratic officials have generally been in favor of net-neutrality rules.

"Repealing net neutrality would allow internet service providers to restrict access to certain types of services or information at their discretion, and charge local residents and small businesses more to access certain websites and apps, all of which the Commission believes creates disadvantages in our local community,”

Lawmakers and consumers have called to delay the vote next week, but the FCC has decided a vote will still happen, prompting the commission to join dozens of elected officials to express strong opposition to the FCC’s proposal.

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